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  4. €4.2m EU grant for glycerol CHP experiment

€4.2m EU grant for glycerol CHP experiment

31 Oct 2012

A UK University has received a grant worth €4.2 million from the European Development Fund for an experimental “green” power plant.

The cash for the University of Greenwich is part of an innovative cross-channel project to fund sustainable sources of green energy.

Staff and students at the university will carry out research on the glycerol-fuelled plant, which is expected to heat its Medway Campus. The study aims to find “cost-effective and environmentally efficient ways” of producing glycerol, which is a colourless and odourless liquid widely used in pharmaceutical formulations.

The research is part of ‘Ecotec 21’ that was set up to study Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology, which captures the waste heat created by power plants and uses it for heating or hot water.