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  4. Network Rail HQ connects to Milton Keynes heat network

Network Rail HQ connects to Milton Keynes heat network

6 Sep 2012

Thameswey Energy, the low carbon energy provider, has revealed its pivotal role in assisting Network Rail achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating for its new national headquarters building in the centre of Milton Keynes.

The new 37,000m² office, known as The Quadrant:MK, is connected to a district energy scheme which supplies heat and electricity to the new building via a Combined and Heat and Power (CHP) station owned and operated by Thameswey Energy.

The connection is expected to save Network Rail approximately 700 tonnes of CO2 per annum and has significantly expanded the district energy network within central Milton Keynes. As well as Quadrant MK, a number of key Milton Keynes developments have also connected to the district energy scheme. These include the Pinnacle MK office development, the Vizion residential evelopment, a Sainsbury’s supermarket, as well as the Hub MK.

The Milton Keynes district energy scheme was formed as a partnership between the Thameswey Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Woking Borough Council, and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). Quadrant MK is the latest and to date largest single building to connect to the scheme since it was formed in 2007. The project includes the construction of a Combined Heat and Power station and associated energy plant to supply low carbon heat and electricity to a number of new buildings within central Milton Keynes.

John Thorp, Managing Director for the Thameswey Group, said: "Network Rail’s decision to connect to the Milton Keynes district energy scheme shows their commitment to reducing their carbon emissions from their new national headquarters.

“Delivered on budget and on time, the new connection marks a step change in district energy within Milton Keynes, as building owners realise the positive benefits of connecting to a local, efficiently generated source of energy.

“Buildings connected to the Thameswey Energy’s CHP energy station in Central Milton Keynes can reduce their carbon emissions by up to 30% per year when compared to traditional forms of energy supply.”

Commenting on the news of the connection, Cllr John Kingsbury, Leader of Woking Borough Council, said: “The connection of The Quadrant:MK is a key strategic customer and one that will significantly contribute to success of the Milton Keynes district energy scheme.”


For more information, please contact Andrew White, Thameswey Energy’s Operations Manager on 01483 765314 or email

Notes to Editor

Key facts and figures

  • Over 1.5km of super insulated district heating pipe was installed along Avebury Boulevard and Grafton Gate.
  • Thameswey Energy will supply over 4,000,000 kWh’s of electricity and 2,000,000 kWh’s of heat from its Milton Keynes CHP energy centre.
  • Quadrant MK is a new state-of-the-art, purpose-built, highly energy efficient building that benefits from:
  • natural ventilation: warm air is drawn up and out of the building, reducing our reliance on air conditioning, and you will be able to open the office windows
  • 'living' roofs to increase biodiversity in the surrounding area
  • Recycling rainwater to flush the toilets
  • tinted glass throughout the building, providing natural daylight but shading the people working inside from the sun and the heat
  • electric car recharging points.

District energy
District heating is the supply of heat and electricity to a number of buildings or homes from a central heat and electricity source through a network of pipes and cables carrying hot water or steam and electricity.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a highly efficient process that captures and utilises the heat that is a by-product of the electricity generation process. By generating heat and power simultaneously, CHP can reduce carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to the separate means of conventional generation i.e. via a boiler and power station.

Thameswey Energy
Thameswey Energy is an Energy Services Company (ESCO) formed by Woking Borough Council in 1999. The Milton Keynes district energy scheme was formed in partnership with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) to deliver locally generated, low carbon energy to new and existing buildings within Central Milton Keynes.

BREEAM is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings. It sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised measures of a building’s environmental performance.