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  1. Home
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Shaping the Debate

Through its work with Government and other key bodies, the Association provides an influential voice for its members. Through its efforts, the CHPA has become one of the most prominent leaders to shape the debate around the decarbonisation of heat.

How we shape the debate

Consultation responses are one of the key ways in which the CHPA makes its voice heard. Our responses cover a wide range of topics, and are led by the Government’s consultation process. Having a unified voice is crucial to submitting a solid response; we regularly consult with our members to gain their perspective on key issues which feed into the final report.

Click here
to access our library of responses.

Thought pieces and research allow the Association to explore the issue of decarbonising heat in more depth and generate facts and ideas to inform the debate. Our most recent piece, the Heat Revolution, can be found here. Members can access research through the members’ area.

Finally, we regularly issue press releases following policy or regulatory announcements. These also give an outline on the industry’s response and the direction of our work.

Join the Conversation!

Connect with our members: We hold regular forums, working groups and events which bring our members together to network, contribute their perspective and experiences and share best practice within the industry. Find out more about member involvement.

Follow us on Twitter: @CHPA_UK

Join us on LinkedIn to discuss a wide range of CHP and district heating and cooling topics with like minded people in the CIBSE CHP-DH forum.